What is a Seventh-day Adventist?

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A Seventh-day Adventist is a denominational Christian, just like a Baptist or Methodist. You’ll find us doing what other Christians are doing: praying, going to church, visiting the sick, helping others, and representing Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities.

Christianity is the overarching belief in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. Each denomination focuses on a particular set of tenets, by which their focus and name stems. In Adventism, we focus on Jesus’ return to earth to claim His people, and therefore we strive to prepare ourselves and the world to make it into Heaven.

While we are like other Christians, our uniqueness comes from our focus on the seventh day Sabbath
health, education, salvation, and the absolute authority of the Bible. These concerns mold and shape our outlook on Christianity and the Christian lifestyle. We encourage you to get familiar with us at South Brooklyn. You’ll find our lifestyle to be rewarding and logical.

For more insight into the Adventist lifestyle, please review the excellent articles “
Your Adventist Neighbor”, “Who Are Adventists?”, and the supplementary articles “What Adventists Believe”, and “Resources of Interest”. For a information-rich explanation of the Sabbath, please visit the Sabbath Truth website.

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