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Our major programs take a lot of effort because we put so much effort into them. Regardless, we have supplemental programs that are rock-solid, too. These programs are as important as the major programs, but just play a supporting role.

Our Hospitality Department provides a fresh, hot, vegetarian meal with refreshments on Sabbath afternoons after Divine Service. We have a fellowship hall that can seat in excess of 100 persons, so there is room enough for you to sit down and enjoy a good meal.

Bible Studies

We believe in preparing our members for an active life as a Christian. We prepare you for that by giving you a sound grounding in the Bible, which is the clear Word of God.

Our studies are designed to reveal concepts, principles, history, and Jesus to you. Our approach is not overbearing and we take your individual level into consideration.

Classes are productive, informal, and have a small student-to-teacher ratio. Please come with your Boble or share one of ours.

New Believer's Bible Class
While still a dedicated Bible class, the New Believer's Bible Class is designed to introduce the student to the love of Jesus Christ.

The ideal candidate for this class is someone new to Christianity or who has been away for a while. This class will introduce you to a Christian lifestyle and mindset, ultimately preparing you for baptism and membership in God's church.
  Baby Dedications*
South Brooklyn recognizes the need to have children grow and mature in a Christian environment. Because it gives the child a proper foundation, we promote the practice.

Parents are encouraged to dedicate their children to God, as illustrated in the Bible. This allows the parents the opportunity to involve their children in a wholesome, spiritual environment in their own households. Parents agree to pray with the child, teach them about God, and surround the child with Godly influences.

Families keep in constant contact with our church after the dedication for advice and counseling on spiritual training.

After spiritual and Biblical preparation, candidates for baptism are given a public baptism with the support of family, friends, and the church.

Newly baptized members are not left alone: they are paired with a spiritual guide—or coach—to assist them in their new life as a Christian. Follow-up Bible studies are encouraged and available.

Participation in any of our supplemental programs is voluntary with no cost to you. The programs are free of charge.
* Please arrange all baby dedications with the Church Clerk. Baby dedications are scheduled on the fourth Sabbath of every month.
** Baptisms require Pastoral approval. Please make all necessary spiritual preparations. Baptisms are scheduled on the fourth Sabbath of every month.

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