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The Adventist Youth Society (AYS) is a training ground for Seventh-day Adventist teens and young adults. The AYS program equips its members with practical training in church service and life service. This means that the members of AYS will be the next generation of church leaders and they will be the movers and shakers among their peers in the workforce.

Our AYS program tackles social and spiritual issues that are not usually covered by the mainstream media. By handling these issues, AYS members are able to make better and more informed decisions later in life as their responsibilities increase. This means that when presented with challenges, like peer pressure and premarital sex, the AYS members could be counted on to come out ahead.

Programming for the AYS is handled by the team members. They are responsible for staffing the department, organizing presenters, and hosting the programs. Key components of the programs include topical discussions, in-house movie screening, seminars, and other eye opening events. Recent programs included watching and discussing the Adventist movie “Between Father and Son”, preparing for the “Bible Bowl”, and discussing the hot topic “hip-hop music”. 
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