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Ushers are always willing to serve God, and the main way we serve God is by serving people. That means that you benefit directly from what we do every week. Our work is both honorable and rewarding. We do our best because we want to please God.

As a visitor, our church culture may be new to you (we have visitors from all walks of life). That’s where we come in as ushers: we will welcome you and show you to the facilities that you need the most. You will receive a bulletin and we will make sure that you have a comfortable seat. When we’ve done our job correctly, it will put a smile on your face.

Perhaps you are a parent or guardian of a small child. We can assist you in getting to a discreet location to attend to the child’s needs without you feeling embarrassed or contributing to a distraction. Your needs are a legitimate concern to us and we would like to keep you comfortable.

Look for us when you come. We are highly visible and will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Signal for us when you need attention and we will accommodate as soon as we can. Remember: we’re not just serving you, we’re also serving God.

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