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When individuals talk about “going to church”, it’s the main service that they’re referring to. At South Brooklyn, we call it “Divine Hour”, and that’s the time when we assemble for the most important part of our worship day.

Spend two hours with us at Divine Hour and you will take part in a worthwhile worship experience. We don’t perform praise breaks and deliver Grammy-award-winning performances. What we do give you is a great praise team, a time of church-wide prayer, and a sermon designed to introduce you to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

The Praise Team delivers meditative songs that allow you to focus on Jesus Christ and what He’s doing in your life. This keeps your mind free from distractions so that you are 100% ready for the rest of the service. When we pray, we take into consideration the needs of our membership, friends and visitors, community, and global issues. We are genuinely concerned, so we genuinely pray. The sermons are delivered from God’s inspiration and the messages can be traced directly back to the Bible. The preacher typically makes an appeal at the end of the sermon, so anyone willing to open their lives up to be with Jesus is welcomed to do so.

We understand that there are many tolerances and abilities in our congregation, so we make reasonable allotments for all. For parents of small children, we provide a “Parents’ Room” in the foyer. Parents with small children can be escorted there by an usher where the parents can console their child discreetly. Seniors have the two rows in the rear reserved for their exclusive access. This makes entry and exits easier for them and their unique needs.

Our ushers are on duty and will assist you with entering and/or exiting the sanctuary at preset times. Due to our respect for God’s sanctuary, we do not allow walking back and forth at will. Reverence in God’s sanctuary is of the utmost importance, so we greatly appreciate your cooperation in refraining from:

  • gum/candy usage
  • using electronic devices for personal activities
  • personal discussions that detract from the worship service
  • unnecessary traffic and/or interference
  • disruptive behavior

We look forward to worshiping with you and want to ensure that your time spent with us is profitable. If there is anything that we could do to make your visit with us more rewarding, please do not hesitate to offer us the suggestion.

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